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    of Effective Directors

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Penetrating insight. Breakthrough results.

From board training to director development to executive advisory, Bob
Gross elevates corporate governance and leadership in America.
Through 40 years of accomplished leadership in business, law,
government and board rooms, Bob is uniquely suited to provide
organizations with penetrating insights and breakthrough results as they
seek to improve the performance of their boards, directors and


Corporate Governance

Assess and improve board culture, processes and effectiveness.


Director Development

Maximize the contribution of every board member.


Executive Advisory

Strengthen individual and collective leadership in the C-Suite.


Litigation Support

Engage an expert witness for every aspect of corporate governance.



We partner with directors, boards, corporate executives, non-profit executives, general counsel, and corporate secretaries to dramatically improve board effectiveness. Through in-depth consultation rooted in decades of real-world experience, we enhance executive and board leadership, corporate governance, and organizational design and performance. 

“Bob has a unique gift for listening to and digesting large amounts of relevant information so he sees the entirety of the big picture, and an even more unique gift for wading through complexity and detecting what is most important to the success of a business enterprise. I learned quickly to listen to Bob whenever he spoke for he always had something valuable and insightful to share. Bob’s professional life has offered him a wealth of varied, high-level experience in both business and government. Because he has seen it all from a variety of perspectives he is in a unique position to coach, mentor, and advise senior executives on a variety of issues. There are few people who can offer the range of services Bob can offer at the level of professionalism he can offer them. He’s extraordinary.”

Lee Tom Perry
Dean, Marriott School of Management


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